Home is Where the Baby is <3

Welcome back! Since I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback with my last Baby Shower post, I decided to add on to that popular topic. Incase you missed it, it was about my favorite “accessories” for a Baby Shower, such as my customized + personalized Baby Shower invitations and favors that can be made for any gender, theme, color scheme, etc.


Another affair that I adore and enjoy is the styling + designing of baby rooms! I’ve come across too many parents that need advice and feedback to NOT discuss this topic; how many colors should I stick to? Should I do a theme? Does this look too cluttered? Is this child friendly? Is this necessary? What storage items are best?
I am going to pick out the best (visually and most popular/most used) designs + features to create a perfect baby room! I like to stick to a wood, gray, or white furniture color scheme and then decide on one or two colors for the bedding, rug, and other decor; it keeps it simple so it doesn’t look overwhelming, yet helps the color light up the room.

[Cribs – can come with matching dressers + furniture]
-Pottery Barn Blythe Crib

-Pottery Barn Millie Crib

-Crate & Barrel Keepsake Crib

[Rugs – comes in various colors]
-Pottery Barn Navy Rug

-Crate & Barrel Magic Carpet

-Buy Buy Baby Zig Zag Rug

-Pottery Barn Sweet Flower Rug

[Rocking Chairs]
-Restoration Hardware French Vintage Chaise

-Babies R Us Dorel Kaylee Swivel Glider

Pottery Barn Comfort Grand Swivel Rocker & Ottoman

[Storage Units/Bookshelves – comes in many colors/styles]
-Crate & Barrel Twelve Cube Wide Bookcase

-Pottery Barn Grace Narrow Media Wall System

-Buy Buy Baby Bookcase + Storage

[Wall Decor]
-Pottery Barn Letter Wall Decor (great for name + initials)

-Pottery Barn It’s a Girl Plaque

-Pottery Barn Pedal Mirror

-Crate & Barrel Clover Mirror

-Pottery Barn Alphabet Hook (cute idea for short names or phrases!)


-Buy Buy Baby All Because Two People Fell in Love Sign (how true <3)

When it comes to a baby’s room, there are so many necessities and things that you can buy, but are you really going to use them? This blog was to help you narrow down what categories + trends to stick to. Of course, there are so many options so if you do not see something you like, I would suggest scrolling through Pottery Barn Kids + Crate & Barrel for the top visual and long lasting items!

Happy Shopping and God Bless the baby!

<3 Donna

Accessorize, Baby!


Oh, baby!
Baby fever.
Baby, baby, baby.

Okay, you get the hint! I know many people who are expecting a child in 2015..especially celebrities! One of those individuals happens to be one of my daughters. Baby Showers are an extremely important event and an incredible celebration for the soon to be parents. Although it’s a heartwarming way to welcome the child, having it all come together can be stressful! I put together my top “accessories” to make a Baby Shower unforgettable.

*Invitations: You can pick a cute theme or just to stick a color scheme to make your planning easier and organized!
My Baby Shower Invite
Another Style of Invitations

*Signs & Banners: Nothing makes a welcome warmer than showering your guests with a sweet greeting!

All Because Two People Fell in Love
Baby Shower Banner
It’s A…..Banner

*Advice/Well Wishes Cards: Preparing for a baby is overwhelming! Help the parents-to-be out by giving them advice and wishing them well (and a lot of sleep!). It’s a thoughtful gesture and memorable keepsake.


*Centerpieces/Table Decor: The highlight of all of my events is decorating the tables! You can simply create a centerpiece for each table with flowers, candles, or even picture frames! Another artistic way to add decor is to set up a display table that can include goodies, pictures, favors, and more! Try to stick to a particular theme or color scheme so it is not TOO much for the eye..or stomach :) I love pink and gold for a girl or shades of light blue with hints of light green for a boy!

Candy/Dessert Table
Display Table

*Favors: You can’t thank your guests without a sweet touch – a parting gift! Some people like to give edible thank you gifts while others have been giving items like nailpolish (pink for a baby girl shower) or soap (from my shower to yours!). It’s all up to the host + parents-to-be!

My Baby Shower Favor Bags (goes great with candy/display table)
Donut Pocket Bag (can be customized for any baked goods)

There are so many adorable ideas and items that can be added, but these are my “go to” techniques – keep it simple, yet make a statement!

I hope that the people + baby that are being celebrated are reminded of how much they are loved and enjoy the rollercoaster (and glamorous) ride of parenthood :)

God Bless them!
<3 Donna

KIDding Around!


Hello from New York! With the cold weather + snow that we have gotten so far, it made me think: how many times have we been so bored, but we cannot find or think of anything to do?! Now, if you have KIDS, you have to entertain yourself PLUS them! Whether you are stuck inside like me or you are lucky enough to take advantage of all-year round beautiful weather (Arizona, anyone?), I have racked up some activities to do with your child/children that they will love! Plus, you can participate in them regardless of what weather you are experiencing. The important thing of it all is that you are making precious memories…and maybe a little bit of a mess :)

Children of any age enjoy parties, especially when the attention is on them, so why not have a themed party?! It can be in the comfort of your own home (a room inside, your front yard, or in your backyard), at a park, and more. My drink labels and goodie bag holders will help you set the theme by being a visual prop or handout treat for your child (and maybe his/her friends!). For example, my lemonade bottle labels added with the lemonade stand goodie holder (candy or other goodies) could help you with a lemonade stand party. I have pool party and circus themed accessories as well! How special would it be to have something personalized to add that touch of uniqueness to your event?

I know many parents have a difficult time preparing and cooking home cooked meals. The preparing, cooking, AND cleaning up the mess is no fun…unless you’re a child learning and experimenting! If you think about the positivity that can come along with teaching + showing your child how to cook AND allowing them to participate, the pros outweigh the cons! So grab your aprons and check out my favorite (and easy) kid-friendly recipes:
*Ice Cream Sandwiches
*Chocolate Dipped Strawberry + Banana Pops
Choclate Dipped Straw-Banana Pops Final copy
*Banana Pancake Stacks
banana pancakes super healthy kids-288x192
*Gingerbread Cookies

If making a mess in the kitchen isn’t for you, maybe a messy work of art is :) Kids do not need to be in their school’s art class to enjoy and create art. They would love to make something for you to keep while you make something for them to keep. These art projects are easy enough (and not TOO messy) where your child won’t feel frustrated and whatever the outcome looks like, your proud smile will make it all worth it!
*Mini Pies
*Pop Out Valentine CardValentine-3D-Hearts-1
*Shaving Cream Polar Bear

4. {Other Activities}
Before we say goodbye, I could not leave without these adorable, yet educational, DIY activities in your home! Check them out and embrace every moment :)
*DIY Outdoor Scrabble –> Practice that reading and writing!
*Bathtub Fishing –> Occupy them AND practice motor skills!
*Water Pinatas
–> Get some fresh air outside while cooling down!
*And don’t forget the easier, mess-free, and more relaxing approaches: take a nap, watch a movie, play dress up, etc.! <3

I hope I sparked your imagination with some loving, creative, and memorable activities to do with a child (whether it’s yours or someone else’s). Enjoy them! If you’re snowed in – stay warm. If you’re sun-kissed – cool down!

Xo, Donna